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Welcome!  We're glad you're here.


On Sunday mornings, you can expect to experience a friendly greeting, smiling faces, inspiring music, and a sermon soaked in God's truth. You'll see a mix & match of attire.  Some like to dress up, and others prefer casual; either way is cool with us, so just come as you are.  The music could be considered blended but we place more emphasis upon the words we sing than a particular style.  In our sermons, prayers, and corporate readings, we always want to place emphasis upon the gospel, celebrating how God has rescued us through the cross of Christ!

To learn more about our church and what it means to be a replant, visit the About section of our website.

If you have further questions about Covenant Hope, please feel free to reach out to us.




SUNDAYS: Equip Classes 9:00am | Worship - 10:30am

WEDNESDAYS: Missional Community - 6:30pm